Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em Release in One Week

The big day is just one week away! Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em, the affordable no-limit hold’em e-book, is coming out one week from today on June 16.

We now have a cover.


And updated since I last posted it, here is the final table of contents. You can learn more about the e-book by reading the Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em FAQ.

Part 1: Framework

  • 64 Squares
  • Showdown Equity And Steal Equity
  • Using Equity To Make Decisions
  • Stealing
  • What Makes Stealing Likely To Succeed

Part 2: Beating Online $1-$2 6-Max Games

  • Introduction: Why $1-$2 6-Max?
  • Stealing Blinds And Playing Position
  • Profiling Opponents And Using Stats
  • Barreling
  • Going For Value With Good Hands
  • 3-Betting Light And The 3-Bet, 4-Bet, 5-Bet Game
  • Isolating Bad Players
  • Handling Opposing Aggression
  • Specific Preflop Decisions
  • Putting It Together

Part 3: 7 Easy Steps To No-Limit Success

  • Step 1: Play Tight
  • Step 2: Don’t Play Out Of Position
  • Step 3: Don’t Overcommit In Small Pots
  • Step 4: Big Pots For Big Hands
  • Step 5: Pull The Trigger
  • Step 6: Adjust To Your Opponents
  • Step 7: Keep Your Head In The Game
  • Congratulations

Part 4: Beyond $1-$2 No-Limit

  • Understanding Fixed Bet Sizes
  • Planning Big Bluffs
  • Overbetting The Flop
  • Underbetting In Multiway Pots
  • Balancing Your Lines
  • Bankroll Requirements

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