Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em Version 1.1 Released

Yesterday we released the first major update to our affordable poker e-book Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em. 2009 has been an absolute explosion for e-books, not just in poker, but across the board. Amazon Kindle, for instance, is now Amazon’s #1 selling product out of every product they sell. And this Christmas, Amazon sold more e-books than paper books! If you’d have asked me one year ago if e-books would outsell paperbooks by the end of the year, I would have laughed. To me, this is just crazy.

Amazon and Kindle aren’t the only ones on the e-book wave either. Smart phones like iPhones and Google Android phones are all over the place, and most of them can act as e-readers. And there are other popular e-reader devices like the Sony Reader, the Nook, and more.

So given the speed with which e-books have seen adoption lately, we decided to focus our first major update on bringing Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em to as many devices and platforms as possible. We wanted to improve the SSNLHE e-book experience. In that vein, the update features the following:

  • Support for the most popular e-reader devices such as Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone, and many more. Most devices will work with either the PRC or EPUB formats now available for download. You can, of course, still read the book on any personal computer.
  • Upgraded PDF interactivity including bookmarking and a clickable table of contents. The PDF version is now much easier to navigate. Note to Mac users: Installing the latest version of Adobe Reader, while not required, may enhance your reading experience.
  • A number of bug fixes including fixed typos, layout problems, awkward wordings, and so forth.

If you buy Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em today, you will receive the new updated version 1.1. If you have already bought the book, you should have received an email at the address you used to buy the book (usually your Paypal email address) with links to download the new version. If you have not received your email, please check your spam filter. If you still can’t find your email, please contact to receive your update. The update (including the new e-reader formatted versions) is free to anyone who has already bought the book.

We have some items still planned for the future:

  • A paper book release. We plan to release a paper book, and we’re already in the stage of negotiating with a printer. We had hoped to get the paper version done earlier, but the process has moved slower than we’d have liked. We still plan to do it and getting these books ready will be our top priority.
  • New content. We are working on new content (including new chapters) for the book. When it’s ready, we will release it in another update.

More Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em news is soon forthcoming, so stay tuned.

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