New Years Special: 35% Off Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em

35% OFF on Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em until January 15.

To celebrate the New Year and also the release of the updated Version 1.1 of Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em, we are offering a limited-time 35% discount. Until January 15, you can get your copy for $64.95. Here’s what you get for your money:

  • A comprehensive guide to the main skills needed to win at micro- and small-stakes no-limit games. This is the stuff you need to master to move up from 10NL or 25NL to 200NL. Mastering these skills will also help you to improve your results at $1-$2 and $2-$5 live games.
  • The 300+ page PDF version of the book. In Version 1.1, this format comes with improved navigation and clickable Table of Contents to make finding the part you want much easier.
  • By request, PRC and EPUB versions of the book. These versions will let you read the book on any of a number of e-reader devices like the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone, Google Android phones, and many more. You can take Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em with you wherever you want.
  • Free e-book updates. When Version 1.2 comes out, you’ll be able to download it at no additional charge.
  • “[A] well written, high-level discussion of no-limit hold’em that does a masterful job of explaining difficult, complex concepts with clarity and precision.” (link)

This 35% discount is the best deal we’ve offered in a long time. Take advantage of it and get your copy today. If you want to take Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em for a test drive, we are now offering for free download an excerpt chapter from the book. You can check out any of the three versions of the book to see how it will read on your device.

IMPORTANT: When downloading an excerpt, please choose the SAVE button in your browser, not Run or Open. Save the file to a directory on your computer that you can easily find. Doing so will help conserve our server resources and will allow you to read the excerpt whenever you want.

Download the PDF excerpt. This is the primary version of the e-book. You can read the PDF version on any computer running Windows, MacOS, or Linux. You may need to download the lastest version of the free Adobe Reader software to read it.

Download the PRC excerpt. This version will work on the Amazon Kindle and the various Mobipocket readers. To read the excerpt on your Kindle, please download the PRC file to your computer using your web browser, and then transfer the file to your Kindle using the USB cable.

Download the EPUB excerpt. This version will work on most e-reader devices including the iPhone, Google Android phones, the Sony Reader, and many more. To read the excerpt on your iPhone, please install a free e-reader app called Stanza from the iTunes store. Then, in Stanza, select “Get Books” at the bottom, and “Downloads” at the top. Then hit the plus sign and type in the download URL (exactly as written including capitals) from the link above. This will download the excerpt directly to your phone.

So there you have it. Free excerpts, and 35% off until January 15. Don’t wait until the special pricing is over. Get your copy today.

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