Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em Now In Paperback (And Cheaper)

The affordable poker e-book has just gotten more affordable. Today is the first anniversary of the release of Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em, and to celebrate we are announcing two big changes:

  1. We are now shipping a paperback edition of the book (unfortunately to United States residents only at the moment) in addition to the e-book versions.
  2. We’ve dropped the price to $29.95 for the e-book versions and $34.95 for the paperback.

So if you’ve been waiting to buy for whatever reason, now’s your chance! Check out what one reader who was making his way up $0.10-$0.25 no-limit to $1-$2 no-limit had to say about Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em:

I had read quite a few poker books and watched a lot of videos prior to purchasing the SSNLHE e-book. I don’t want to say they didn’t help because they definitely did, but something about the way the e-book was written just clicked with me. I’m a much better player because of it and wanted to thank all of you for writing such a clear, logical explanation of no-limit that can be applied quickly. I play full ring NLHE about 20 hours a week (anywhere from 25NL-200NL) and found the concepts very applicable to my games. I included a graph as its the best praise/review I can really give. I think you will notice a significant slope change around hand 186k/beginning of June.

A reader's results, before and after reading Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em

Download the free excerpt to get a feel for the book. Then get your copy today!

New Years Special: 35% Off Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em

35% OFF on Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em until January 15.

To celebrate the New Year and also the release of the updated Version 1.1 of Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em, we are offering a limited-time 35% discount. Until January 15, you can get your copy for $64.95. Here’s what you get for your money:

  • A comprehensive guide to the main skills needed to win at micro- and small-stakes no-limit games. This is the stuff you need to master to move up from 10NL or 25NL to 200NL. Mastering these skills will also help you to improve your results at $1-$2 and $2-$5 live games.
  • The 300+ page PDF version of the book. In Version 1.1, this format comes with improved navigation and clickable Table of Contents to make finding the part you want much easier.
  • By request, PRC and EPUB versions of the book. These versions will let you read the book on any of a number of e-reader devices like the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone, Google Android phones, and many more. You can take Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em with you wherever you want.
  • Free e-book updates. When Version 1.2 comes out, you’ll be able to download it at no additional charge.
  • “[A] well written, high-level discussion of no-limit hold’em that does a masterful job of explaining difficult, complex concepts with clarity and precision.” (link)

This 35% discount is the best deal we’ve offered in a long time. Take advantage of it and get your copy today. If you want to take Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em for a test drive, we are now offering for free download an excerpt chapter from the book. You can check out any of the three versions of the book to see how it will read on your device.

IMPORTANT: When downloading an excerpt, please choose the SAVE button in your browser, not Run or Open. Save the file to a directory on your computer that you can easily find. Doing so will help conserve our server resources and will allow you to read the excerpt whenever you want.

Download the PDF excerpt. This is the primary version of the e-book. You can read the PDF version on any computer running Windows, MacOS, or Linux. You may need to download the lastest version of the free Adobe Reader software to read it.

Download the PRC excerpt. This version will work on the Amazon Kindle and the various Mobipocket readers. To read the excerpt on your Kindle, please download the PRC file to your computer using your web browser, and then transfer the file to your Kindle using the USB cable.

Download the EPUB excerpt. This version will work on most e-reader devices including the iPhone, Google Android phones, the Sony Reader, and many more. To read the excerpt on your iPhone, please install a free e-reader app called Stanza from the iTunes store. Then, in Stanza, select “Get Books” at the bottom, and “Downloads” at the top. Then hit the plus sign and type in the download URL (exactly as written including capitals) from the link above. This will download the excerpt directly to your phone.

So there you have it. Free excerpts, and 35% off until January 15. Don’t wait until the special pricing is over. Get your copy today.

Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em Version 1.1 Released

Yesterday we released the first major update to our affordable poker e-book Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em. 2009 has been an absolute explosion for e-books, not just in poker, but across the board. Amazon Kindle, for instance, is now Amazon’s #1 selling product out of every product they sell. And this Christmas, Amazon sold more e-books than paper books! If you’d have asked me one year ago if e-books would outsell paperbooks by the end of the year, I would have laughed. To me, this is just crazy.

Amazon and Kindle aren’t the only ones on the e-book wave either. Smart phones like iPhones and Google Android phones are all over the place, and most of them can act as e-readers. And there are other popular e-reader devices like the Sony Reader, the Nook, and more.

So given the speed with which e-books have seen adoption lately, we decided to focus our first major update on bringing Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em to as many devices and platforms as possible. We wanted to improve the SSNLHE e-book experience. In that vein, the update features the following:

  • Support for the most popular e-reader devices such as Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone, and many more. Most devices will work with either the PRC or EPUB formats now available for download. You can, of course, still read the book on any personal computer.
  • Upgraded PDF interactivity including bookmarking and a clickable table of contents. The PDF version is now much easier to navigate. Note to Mac users: Installing the latest version of Adobe Reader, while not required, may enhance your reading experience.
  • A number of bug fixes including fixed typos, layout problems, awkward wordings, and so forth.

If you buy Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em today, you will receive the new updated version 1.1. If you have already bought the book, you should have received an email at the address you used to buy the book (usually your Paypal email address) with links to download the new version. If you have not received your email, please check your spam filter. If you still can’t find your email, please contact to receive your update. The update (including the new e-reader formatted versions) is free to anyone who has already bought the book.

We have some items still planned for the future:

  • A paper book release. We plan to release a paper book, and we’re already in the stage of negotiating with a printer. We had hoped to get the paper version done earlier, but the process has moved slower than we’d have liked. We still plan to do it and getting these books ready will be our top priority.
  • New content. We are working on new content (including new chapters) for the book. When it’s ready, we will release it in another update.

More Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em news is soon forthcoming, so stay tuned.

Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em Update Coming Soon

Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em is getting an upgrade! If you haven’t read this book yet, and if you are a serious micro or small stakes no-limit player, now is a great time to get your copy! Since it came out nearly six months ago, Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em by Ed Miller, Sunny Mehta, and Matt Flynn has become one of the most recommended books on the 2+2 forums for those who are learning to beat online no-limit games at the $0.10-$0.25 to $1-$2 level. Many people have used the tools in the book to take their games to the next level, and you can too.

The Update

Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em was released in June of this year as an e-book in PDF format. The most common request we have gotten since release is that the book be more accessable and available in different formats. So this is the focus of the update, version 1.1. Specifically, the update will include:

  • Dozens of fixes to the text of the book to correct errors, make things clearer, and overall improve the book.
  • A paper version of the book! Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em is no longer just an e-book. It will soon be a book available in both paper and e-book format.
  • A more navigatable PDF version. We’ve upgraded the original version with navigational tools including bookmarks and contextual links to make browsing and finding particular parts of the book easier and faster.
  • Better support for e-reader devices. E-readers like the Kindle, the Sony Reader, the iPhone, and more have exploded in popularity recently. The original release provided provisional support for these e-reader platforms, but the update will provide cleaner support for the most common e-reader file formats.

How Can You Get The Updated Version?

Anyone who has already purchased Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em will receive the updated PDF for free automatically. You will receive a download email at the email address you purchased the original book with, and it will provide all the instructions necessary to get version 1.1 of the book. If you would like e-reader versions of the book, you will be able to request and download them for free also as they become available.

Paper books will not be free, but will be available at a heavily discounted price to anyone who has already bought the e-book.

More information, particularly about how to order your paper copies, will be coming soon. So stay tuned!

Another Good Review

We’re extremely flattered by all the great reviews coming in for Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em. Today we found one from ML4L who is a long-time respected high stakes no-limit poster on 2+2. Here’s what he had to say about the book:

[Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em] is the best NL book I’ve read; the knowledge is worth thousands of dollars to full-time mid-stakes players.


Thanks ML4L!

UPDATE: The review was disappeared by 2+2. The above link is dead, but left for posterity. So you’ll have to take my word that this is what it said. :)