Ed Miller: Noted Poker Authority

Ed Miller is one of the world’s best-known and respected poker educators. He’s authored five books: Small Stakes Hold’em (2004), Getting Started In Hold’em (2005), No-Limit Hold’em: Theory and Practice (2006), Professional No-Limit Hold’em (2007), and now Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em.

He is a lead instructor for StoxPoker video poker training and a regular columnist for Card Player magazine. He also writes an online poker advice column at his website, Noted Poker Authority.

Ed has earned his reputation for excellence by consistently producing some of the clearest and easiest-to-apply poker instruction available anywhere. His mantra is Poker Made Simple, and his contributions to Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em will make poker simple for you.

Sunny Mehta: The Professional

Sunny Mehta
Sunny Mehta plays a lot of no-limit hold’em. He has been successfully making a living as a no-limit hold’em cash game pro for over five years. He has played as high as $25-$50 and won at every level he’s tackled.

During the time spent writing Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em, Sunny played hundreds of thousands of hands in the games the book is written about, $1-$2 6-max online no-limit. Many poker books are written by people who haven’t recently played the games or the stakes they’re writing about. Not this book! Sunny knows small stakes games intimately well. He knows how the opposition plays. He knows what works and what doesn’t. And he’s not holding back.

Sunny’s contributions ensure that Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em is up-to-date with the latest knowledge and trends. In his capable hands, you won’t have to fend for yourself with yesterday’s tricks in the games of tomorrow.

Matt Flynn: Practical Theorist

Matt Flynn cut his teeth in high-stakes no-limit long before the poker boom and loves the intricacies of the game. He is our resident expert in no-limit theory. Want to know how to stop getting exploited or how much to bet on the flop? Matt has your answer.

Matt contributed some of the most advanced material in Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em. He teaches you to balance your betting lines to keep your play unpredictable and hard to exploit. He teaches you how to determine the right bet sizes, both from a theoretical perspective and from experience as a seasoned and highly successful player.

With an incredible math background and degrees from Harvard, Stanford, and Duke, Matt has provided the book with a solid theoretical grounding. So you’re not just learning a few tricks that happen to work today. You’re learning a system that will beat no-limit games long into the future.